Podcast Review

The Wonder of Parenting is a podcast hosted by Michael Gurian and Tim Wright. These two men offer parenting advice and field questions from listeners on a weekly basis. However, this is not just another parenting podcast. You won’t be overwhelmed with “Am I parenting my kid right?” And you won’t have to worry about being judged for your parenting decisions, either.

Gurian and Wright offer parting tips based on brain science and research. They talk about approaches to different situations by how boys and girls’ brains are “wired.” The fact that they take out the “theories” of how to parent your kid and focus more on how our kids’ brains are connected offers a different insight into parenting decisions. They also spend a lot of time recognizing the fact that boys and girls brains are very different and so they will behave differently.

One of the reasons I started listening to this podcast was because I became a new parent myself in 2018. I needed something to listen to to pass the time on my way to work. I also wanted to learn tips on how to parent my son, especially as he got older. In turn, I found that much of their advice that they discussed on their podcast were tips that I could also apply when handling discipline in my classroom. So, even if you aren’t a parent but you’re an educator, you still might find that many of their episodes are still valuable. Remember, educators play a role in raising kids, too!

Check out their website at: https://gurianinstitute.com/wonder-of-parenting/ and take a listen. You might be surprised!

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