About Lacey

Lacey Clifton Instructional DesignerLacey Clifton received her Bachelor’s Degree from Old Dominion University in Virginia, where she graduated with Summa Cum Laude and Phi Kappa Phi Honors.  Additionally, she was recognized as the Communications Department Graduate of the Year and received a Faculty Award of Excellence for her performance at the university.  She greatly enjoys learning environments, as both a student and a teacher, keeping her ahead of changes in social media platforms and fueling her passion to teach others.


Lacey’s Other Projects:

Chicadita® Social Media
Pinwheel Learning Management Systems, Inc.


Lacey’s Personality Traits:

Worktraits Behavioral Style: TDFnEdetail tracker

  • T = Tracker, Detail Oriented
  • D = Decision Maker, Leader
  • F = Facilitator, Patient
  • n = average barometer marker
  • E = Encourager, People Person

My behavioral style demonstrates I am extremely detail oriented.  I figure problems out and go through procedures step-by-step.  And although I am one of the most patient people you will ever meet, I am a leader and not a follower.  This means I listen before I act.

Worktraits Core Convictions: ADBnCambitious

  • A = Ambitious, Achiever
  • D = Disciplined, Goal Oriented
  • B = Believer, Ethical
  • n = average barometer marker
  • C = Compassionate, Dedicated

My core convictions align well with my behavioral style.  A good leader should be an achiever, which I am.  I have far more awards than you will see on this portfolio.  And I am able to achieve my goals because I am very disciplined.  I am an internally driven individual, but am well balanced with a belief in being ethical.  I believe it is those with ambition without discipline who fail, and those with ambition without ethics who turn into mad scientists.