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Teaching Literature through Cultural Studies

“Culture” covers a multitude of meanings. Sublette and Lawrence, in their Resource Guide for teaching literature at the college level, suggest using a “cultural studies” approach within a theory-oriented class to increase student engagement and provide more familiar texts for… Continue Reading →

Ways of Responding

I know we’re primarily focusing on writing centers this week, but I’m still hung up on the discussion in the readings of writing assessment.  Effectively grading and marking papers has been something I have experimented with for years with varying… Continue Reading →

Paper 6: Being a Scholar of Cultural Studies (sort of)

Over the course of the semester, I’ve come to a better understanding of what it means to be a scholar of Cultural Studies. I have a much better understanding of how the field began, how it has developed over time,… Continue Reading →

Paper 5: “Methinks I hear the Bat Phone” – What Works and What Doesn’t for Cultural Studies

Identifying specific Objects of Study (OoS) for Cultural Studies can be difficult because the subdiscipline allows for a variety of approaches, theories, and subjects. Because the practitioners of the subdiscipline have been so deliberate in their decisions to allow and… Continue Reading →

Paper 4: Searching for Cultural Studies Treasure

Part of being “in the academy” means that we are making contributions to our fields of study, and traditionally, those contributions are developed through “discovering” new perspectives, interpretations, and knowledge through research.  Within the English department, the “treasures” we seek… Continue Reading →


McComiskey, Bruce. “Social-Process Rhetorical Inquiry: Cultural Studies Methodologies for Critical Writing about Advertisements.” JAC, vol. 17, no. 3, 1997, pp. 381-400. JSTOR,   In this article, McComiskey describes how he adapted three important cultural studies moves into the composition… Continue Reading →

Paper 3: Epistemological Alignment – On Avoiding Disciplinary Vampires

Back when I was finishing up my Master’s degree in 2000, my cohort in the program and I were discussing “what comes next” for each of us as we ordered academic hoods and looked for jobs. Several from my cohort… Continue Reading →

PAB #3

Bahti, Timothy. “Anacoluthon: On Cultural Studies.” MLN, vol. 112, no. 3, Apr. 2007, pp. 366-384. JSTOR,   In this article, Bahti wrestles with what cultural studies is and what it does, especially in relation to its complicated interactions with… Continue Reading →

Paper 2: Major Questions

Cultural Studies: What’s Going On?   Since roughly the year 2000, those who “do” cultural studies (and those who are skeptical of cultural studies) have been asking, “What’s next for cultural studies?  As a rapidly expanding off-shoot of different sub-disciplines… Continue Reading →

PAB #2

Daly, Nicholas. “Interdisciplinarity and Cultural Studies.” Victorian Review, vol. 33, no.1, 2007, pp.18-21. JSTOR,   From a Special Forum within Victorian Review, Nicholas Daly begins his article by discussing how cultural studies practitioners often use interdisciplinary methods and approaches… Continue Reading →

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