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Week 13 – Journal Entry 14 –  Illegal Things You Unknowingly Do on the Internet

There are around 5 of these I would actually consider a serious violation. The first offense would definitely be collecting information about children, as minors deserve the highest expectation of privacy. The second offense that in my opinion can be… Continue Reading →

Week 12 – Journal Entry 13 – Bug Bounties

As a policy bug bounty programs offered by companies act as a crowdsourced form of cybersecurity. It is something that will have efficacy no matter the size of the company or organization. Although the amount of valid reports will obviously… Continue Reading →

Week 12 – Journal Entry 12 – SAMPLE DATA BREACH NOTIFICATION and its relation to economic and social theories

Economic Theories1. Cost-benefit analysis – By reporting to the customers about a breach the company is weighing the cost of responding to the breach (such as notifying affected individuals, investing in cybersecurity measures, and potential legal expenses), against the benefits… Continue Reading →

Week 11 – Journal Entry 11 – Cybersecurity Analysts relation to social behaviors

The job description for a cybersecurity analyst highlights the importance of communication, collaboration, and teamwork. As utilizing effective communication skills as being able to explain something like a new phishing threat to someone who might not understand cybersecurity is crucial… Continue Reading →

Week 11 – Journal Entry 10 – Social Cybersecurity

Social Cybersecurity is an emerging interdisciplinary form of cybersecurity. It focuses on the human element involved in computer technologies. With it exemplifies the need to protect against cyber warfare using social cyberwarfare. This is generally done by information and psychological… Continue Reading →

Week 10 – Journal Entry 9 –  the Social Media Disorder scale

https://www.brieftherapyconference.com/download/handouts/Tobi-Goldfus-Social-Media-Disorder-Scale.pdf After completing the questions in the Social Media Disorder scale I scored 1 out of 9. My score reflects how little I’m involved with social media. When reflecting on the items listed on the scale it highlights how some… Continue Reading →

Week 8 – How media influences our understanding of cybersecurity

Media plays a role in how the general populace shapes their understanding of cybersecurity. In terms of movies it is often sensationalized with the “hacker” portrayed in some form of stereotype. Very few movies actually delve into hacking besides the… Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Journal Entry 7

All of the memes related to human-centered cybersecurity; more specifically towards social engineering. It highlights the importance of individuals being mindful of their online security practices and taking steps to protect themselves from phishing. It emphasizes how necessary it is… Continue Reading →

Week 6 – What Makes a Fake Website Fake

One of the most common ways that phishers trick people is through e-mails leading to fake websites often with the websites impersonating a legitimate domain like your banks website. One way they do this is by using a domain that… Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Ranking the Motivations to Commit Cybercrime

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