Research Paper Outline


  • What is Social Media
  • How it’s important

Background on Social media

  • When it first came about
  • It’s progression

Social Media uses

  • Who uses it
  • How it is used


  • Who it helps
  • How it helps
  • Effective ways it is used


  • Who it hurts
  • How it hurts
  • Problems created by it


Research Topic

Since I am a Marketing major, I have decided to do my research paper on Social Media; especially because in the marketing world, social media has begun to play a huge role within it. I’m not really sure of the other aspects within social media I will be focusing on for my research paper yet.

IT 360 Assignment #1

My name is Alex Almond, and I am a Marketing Major at ODU. I’m originally from Appomattox, Virginia which is about 3 hours away from Norfolk. I graduated from high school with my Associate’s Degree, so I’m two years ahead here at ODU. Since I’m ahead, I plan on going to Grad school once I graduate, and eventually make decent money in a profession that I enjoy. I like to golf on my spare time, but I’m by no means Tiger Wood’s. I’m required to take IT 360, but I would like to learn a bit more about technology in general. My email is